Hotels in Cuba

Hotels in Cuba

Holidays in Cuba full of flavour

Taking a route through the authentic sounds of the cuna del son (cradle of son) and the genres of the guaracha and the bolero

Land of music, guajiros (Cuban peasants) and santeros (practising a religion which is a fusion of Catholic practices and African folk beliefs), rum and sugar cane, cigars and cigarettes from Havana, this island of revolutionary spirit is a classic among Caribbean destinations. The images that make up the Cuban landscape are very long-lasting.

Hotels in Cuba

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Travellers can expect almost anything from Cuba. It is an unpredictable and breathtaking island with an impressive historical legacy that seems to have left it locked in another time. It shares the limelight with the other islands that make up the Greater Antilles, but has a unique identity that, although full of contradictions, is the key to its special charm.

Places of interest in Cuba


The capital of the Republic of Cuba is one of the most genuine cities in Latin America. Surrounded by the romanticism of the decadent urban landscapes, the streets of Havana are synonymous with nostalgia as much as they are of life, authenticity and closeness. Coming to the Caribbean from the mythical Malecón (waterfront), diving into its African roots walking through the Hamel alley or adding a touch of flavour to the afternoon, with a cucurucho (cone-shaped palm leaf which encases a sticky mixture of coconut, papaya, honey and usually orange) from the Coppelia ice-cream parlour... these are some of the simple attractions of this city with so much identity that has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. 


The touristic city of Varadero, 130 kilometres from the island's capital, is the country's main beach destination. A total of up to 22 stunning beaches of exuberant beauty can be enjoyed on its over 30 kilometres of coastline. Transparent Caribbean waters lap the golden shore of these bays where visitors from all corners of the world come in search of peace and quiet. Horse or bike rides, golf days, cocktails on the beach or diving between impressive coral areas add the final touch to the activity of this area, the closest to the American coastline.

Valle de Viñales (Viñales Valley)

The westernmost part of the Guaniguanico mountain range provides travellers with a very different image than that which people usually have of Cuba. The Valle de Viñales and part of the surrounding mountain range are integrated into the country's National Parks network and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most rustic and traditional side of the island is covered by these extensive tobacco plantations, prominent mogotes and dense vegetation that are the perfect setting for a horse ride or hiking.

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