Hotels in Havana

Hotels in Havana

Holidays in Havana, to the sound of the Cuban music mambos and guarachas

A tour of the most vibrant city in the Caribbean

The Cuban capital always has something special reserved for everyone who visits it. Despite having seen, read, heard or tasted some aspect of its culture and tradition, there is only one fair way to define this city: by experiencing it.

Hotels in Havana

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The capital of Cuba is not only the most important city in the country from an administrative and economic point of view. Despite being the smallest of all the provinces, its more than two million inhabitants make it the most populated on the island and the Greater Antilles as a whole, as well as the epicentre of the country's artistic and cultural life. A friendly and safe city, multifaceted and sometimes controversial, but with the ability to reinvent itself in the face of any adversity.

What to do in Havana

Stroll through the streets of Old Havana

The oldest part of the Cuban capital preserves the original layout of the colonial era. Initially designed as a defensive military enclosure, there are now only a few remnants of the wall that protected it and which started to be demolished in 1863. Its 5 km2 of surface area combines all types of Spanish, French, British and American architectural styles which have elevated the site to UNESCO World Heritage status.

A tour of its four colonial squares

Unlike what usually happens in colonial cities, in Havana daily life was not coordinated around a single point, but around four squares, each with a specific function. The Plaza de Armas [Weapons Square] (military), popular for its book sellers; the Plaza de San Francisco de Asís [Saint Francis of Assisi square] (commercial), under the watch of the iconic Caballero de París (Gentleman from Paris); the Plaza Vieja [Old Square] (social), a good place to have something to eat or drink while immersed in the routines of the city and the Plaza de la Catedral [Cathedral Square] (religious), epitome of the country's folklore and architecture.

Attend the “El Cañonazo” (canon fire) ceremony

Every day at 9 pm, a group of actors dressed in military uniforms from the time of Carlos III of Spain represents the oldest tradition in Havana in the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña (San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress): “el Cañonazo” (canon fire). The ceremony dates back to the seventeenth century and predates the construction of the fortress. With this unique firing of the canon at dusk, the closure of the walls was announced to protect the city from privateers and pirates. This time is a good excuse to get a sensational night view of Havana from the viewpoint of the Parque Histórico Militar Morro-Cabaña (Morro-Cabaña Historical Military Park).

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