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Holidays in Puerto Plata

Holidays in Puerto Plata, a dream by the sea

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With its more than 55 kilometres of spectacular beaches, no explanation is needed as to why Puerto Plata is the origin of the Dominican Republic's coastal tourism and why it remains a benchmark at an international level. Popular names such as Sosúa, Cabarete or Corfés have made these Atlantic coastal resorts an ideal destination for those looking for sun, sea and sand at any time of the year.

Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Plata

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Holidays in Puerto Plata
Fortress in Puerto Plata
Details of
Puerto Plata

The sparkles of the leaves of the grayumbo plant gave the Montaña de Plata (Silver Mountain), which presides over the landscape of this town on the shores of the North Atlantic, its name. The name of the mountain would be transformed over the centuries into that of Isabel de Torres, but not the name of the commercial settlement that was growing at the foot of it, San Felipe de Puerto de Plata, which would end up being internationally known as Puerto Plata.

Places of interest in Puerto Plata

Fortaleza de San Felipe (San Felipe Fortress)

In order to fight off the frequent pirate attacks in the area, King Felipe II of Spain ordered the construction of this fortress in the sixteenth century. Throughout its history, this emblematic building in Puerto Plata has had different uses, from a prison to a supply warehouse. It currently houses a museum with military artefacts.

El malecón

This is the most popular seafront promenade in the Dominican Republic, both for its beauty and for its relentless activity. The Malecón de Puerto Plata (Puerto Plata promenade) stretches for several kilometres between the Fortaleza de San Felipe and Long Beach. All kinds of events are organised in this area during the year, which can be visited both on foot and by renting a bicycle.

Parque Nacional Isabel de Torres (Isabel de Torres National Park)

The increase in pilgrimages to the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) which overlooks the mountain forced the construction of the first line of the Dominican Republic overhead cable. The Parque Nacional Isabel de Torres cable car was opened in 1972 and has been part of the region's tourist attractions since then. A five-minute trip that culminates at a height of 800 metres and offers stunning views of the beaches, the historic centre of Puerto Plata and the neighbouring towns.

Los 27 charcos de Damajagua (The 27 waterfalls of Damajagua)

A place for adventurers and thrill seekers. The 27 waterfalls of Damajagua are a real challenge in the middle of the wild nature of Puerto Plata. Most excursions offer the option of visiting only the waterfalls, as you have to be very fit to go on the hiking route and complete the tour of the deep natural pools.

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