Hotels in Varadero

Hotels in Varadero

Holidays in Varadero with Caribbean essence

The dream of a perfect holiday becomes true in Varadero

The most idyllic image of Cuba is in this coastal area near the city of Matanzas. The most spectacular white sandy beaches in the country stretch along the Hicacos Peninsula, between the Straits of Florida and the Bay of Cárdenas. A holiday in Varadero is a dream made true for travellers from all over the world who arrive at these shores with the promise of a few unforgettable relaxing days.

Hotels in Varadero

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Hotel Varadero
Hotel in Playa Varadero (Varadero Beach)
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140 kilometres west of the city of Havana, the Hicacos Peninsula opens up and with it the most touristic city in Cuba. Varadero covers an area of 30 kilometres, which are almost entirely covered by long beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand. Despite being an idyllic place, this coastal strip in the Matanzas province did not begin to attract attention until well into the nineteenth century, when the new construction techniques made it possible to overcome the unevenness ground, and some of the most representative mansions were built, such as Xanadú, which is now part of the Club de Golf de Varadero (Varadero Golf Club), or the Parque Josone (Josone Park).

Places of interest in Varadero

Parque Josone (Josone Park)

Built in 1942 by the founding family of Arechabala Rum, the Parque Josone is the orchard that complements the sandy paradise of Varadero. This nine-hectare oasis is often the scene of the popular 'Fiestas de los quince' (parties for fifteen-year-olds) held by teenagers from all over Latin America, as well as the reference point for nightlife, with meeting points as important as the well-known Casa de la Música (House of Music). Apart from natural attractions such as its beautiful lagoon surrounded by palm trees, its colourful vegetation and its eye-catching caves, the facilities have a wide range of restaurants which bring you closer to the traditional local cuisine.


The Parque Natural Punta Hicacos (Punta Hicacos Natural Park) has had an extra attraction since 1984: The dolphinarium. These facilities offer four dolphin shows every day that are a great hit with both children and adults alike. Apart from the most common aspects of this type of show, the dolphinarium offers the possibility of swimming for 15 minutes in the company of these endearing cetaceans. An incredible experience in full contact with nature.

Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos (Varahicacos Ecological Reserve)

The best place to learn about the flora and fauna of Cuba is near the end of the Hicacos Peninsula, in one of the country's most picturesque nature reserves. Here you can find traces of the Siboney Aboriginal culture in pictographs over 2,500 years old, extensive mangroves, 12-metre high shrubs and a 600-year-old cactus affectionately nicknamed "‘El Patriarca" (The Patriarch). This stronghold of the original nature of western Cuba is one of the most representative of the entire Caribbean.

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