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The Kingdom of Morocco is the gateway to the African continent for many travellers. An accessible, safe and fascinating destination, ideal for those who wish to have contact with the Arab world for the first time. Barely 14 kilometres of sea separate the northernmost part of the country from the European continent, something that is noticeable in the liberal nature of this Islamic destination which is used to receiving visitors from all cultures and religions.

Places of interest in Morocco


Nobody can escape from the charming chaos of the Yamaa el Fna Square, the constant hustle and bustle in the streets of the souk or the aroma of recently served mint tea in any of the centre's elegant cafes. Because even though Marrakech is a bustling, intense and sometimes even exhausting city, it is one of those destinations that you fall in love with at first sight. Diving into its relentless activity is participating in an energetic and optimistic lifestyle in the shadow of century-old walls, elegant palaces and historic madrasas.


The country's big cities, such as Rabat, Marrakech and Casablanca, have not succeeded in overshadowing this important spiritual and cultural centre to the east of the capital. It should not be forgotten that its old walled city is the most traditional of the imperial cities of Morocco. Fez boasts an extensive architectural and artistic heritage that is naturally integrated into the routines of everyday life. Its original medina with blue tones, a symbol characteristic of its important pottery activity, the stone and adobe walls of its winding alleys and the picturesque patios at different heights give the city a halo of mystery that is really attractive.


The "Blue Pearl" is a tourist resort located in the north-eastern tip of the country and one of the most prominent destinations of the holiday scene in North Africa. The reason? Its long beaches with fine golden sand, its good temperatures and excellent range of water activities and golf courses. Saïdia is probably the most chic option for a holiday on the Moroccan coast, without losing the charm of the most traditional aspects that are present in celebrations such as the Water Carnival in July or the Reggada Festival in August.

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