Hotels in Marrakech

Hotels and resorts in Marrakech

Holidays in Marrakech among spices and snake charmers

A trip to the most vibrant imperial city in Morocco

At every hour of the day, the city of Marrakech has a special aspect. The sun's rays highlighting the reddish walls of its buildings offer a different stamp as the hours go by, from the early call to prayer to the lively life of Yamaa el Fna Square past dawn.

Hotels in Marrakech

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holidays in Marrakech
Marrakech Markets

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Some 19 kilometres of walls surround the Marrakech medina, accessible from ten gates that give access to the true heart of the city. Together with Rabat, Mequinez and Fez, Marrakech is part of the circuit of the four imperial cities. The capital of the Berber dynasty and an important point on the map of the trade routes of the North African continent was here.

What to do in Marrakech

Going shopping in the souk

Towards the north and east area of the Yamaa el Fna Square, there is a labyrinth of alleys where tourists and locals go shopping among stalls selling food, cloths, crafts and typical products. The souk is the shopping area par excellence in Marrakech and, although it may seem like a chaotic place, the truth is that its shops and street stalls are organised by guilds. All traditional trades have their space reserved in this bustling area of the city where it is essential to be a good haggler to get the most adjusted prices.

Relax in a hammam

What is a luxury for many Westerners, is part of everyday life in Moroccan culture. Hammams are baths whose origins date back to Roman baths and are not only used as a place for washing and relaxation but as a meeting point among the locals. Today, in Marrakech, there are public hammams and others of a more touristic nature that, inspired by the traditional essence, offer massages and additional skin care treatments.  

Dinner at Yamaa el Fna night market

The most important place in the middle of Marrakech is this central square from which energy is pumped to all corners of the city. Although Yamaa el Fna is alive at any time of the day, it is displayed in its maximum splendor when the sun goes down. Here there are normally snake charmers, musicians and impromptu shows and, above all, the wide range of food that gives you a very spicy taste at the end of the day.

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