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Hotels in the Algarve

Hotels and resorts in the Algarve

Dream holidays in the Algarve

Leisure and fun days in the sunniest region of Portugal

The sunny southern Portugal climate, its pleasant temperatures at any time of the year and the natural charms of the landscape force the visitor to get comfortable and to go out onto the street. And although the hotels in the Algarve are very popular because of their extensive range of high-quality services, the real action is on the countless idyllic beaches that are scattered along its coastline, the bays with crystal clear water protected by the embrace of imposing cliffs and the atmosphere of those traditional villages that have grown in harmony with the surroundings.

Hotels in the Algarve

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Holidays in the Algarve
Fun and relaxation in the Algarve

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The Arabs called this region in southern Portugal Al Garb, meaning "the West". It is a coastal strip with more than 200 kilometres of coastline in the southernmost region of mainland Portugal. Historically, it competed for economic importance with the neighbouring Al-Andalus and these two areas are still competing today as a holiday destination in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Places of interest in the Algarve


This benchmark in tourism in the Algarve has been an important fishing and port enclave since ancient times. Its name is an evolution of the Arabic word Al Buhera, meaning “castle of the sea”, since during the Islamic period it was a walled city overlooked by a castle on top of a promontory. Its old town still has a part of that past, although the tourist development has meant that its traditional streets are filled with modern shops and restaurants and a lively nightlife which make it a perfect destination for a getaway involving leisure, nature and a good deal of fun.


Cobbled streets and beautiful buildings shape the landscape of this traditional fishing village with a stately ambiance. Located on both banks of the Gilão River, this town founded by the Phoenicians continues to be synonymous with commercial activity and cultural exchange. Its historical legacy, with Roman and Arab influences, has left places as picturesque as its partially restored castle, Ponte Antiga or the Mercado da Ribeira (Ribeira Market).

Algar de Benagil

The town of Benagil is among the tourist destinations of Praia do Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra. This traditional small coastal town is not only famous for itsgreat fish and seafood dishes or its pleasant beach. If it has become famous for something in recent decades, it is because of a stunning sea cave, due to erosion, popularly known as “the Cathedral”. Thousands of tourists visit this natural monument every year, although it is not the only one in the area. More than thirty similar caves are dotted around the surrounding area and can be visited by swimming, kayaking or on an organised tour.

Ponta da Piedade

Over the more than 200 kilometres of the Algarve coast, rocky cliffs are a major feature. Among the best known examples are those of Ponta da Piedade, to the west of Lagos. The sea landscape in this area is dotted with pinnacles, caves and arches over the sea that have been formed over the centuries as a result of erosion. The place is set up so that you can access its small stony coves on foot, but without a doubt the most spectacular view is that which you get from the sea.

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