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Hotels in the Dominican Republic

Hoteles y resorts en República Dominicana

Holidays in the Dominican Republic, an earthly paradise

A Caribbean pearl that has everything

The Dominican Republic has a contagious energy. It is perceived in its pace of life, in the hospitality of Dominicans and in the majestic natural landscapes that dress every corner of the country with joy and colour.

Hotels and resorts in the Dominican Republic

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Holidays in the Dominican Republic
Hotel in the Dominican Republic by the beach
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Occupying the western part of the island of Hispaniola, you will find this stunning Caribbean pearl. The Dominican Republic is the tourist destination that thousands of travellers from all over the world dream of, and making that dream of an ideal holiday come true is becoming easier and easier. The country's extensive range of hotels, its great leisure and catering services and its excellent air connections with the main capitals of the world make it very easy for visitors.

Places of interest in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic is the focal point of the country's economic, political and cultural life. The old quarter is home to the first castle and the first cathedral in America, within an area declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Caribbean city at the mouth of the Ozama River was the first European settlement on the continent and a strategic place in the conquest of the New World. This colonial character is still visible in many of its artistic and architectural manifestations, something that has not prevented Santo Domingo from having its own identity whose historical relevance is only comparable to its natural riches.

La Romana

Overseas trade allowed the economic development of this small town on the Caribbean coast. Not only the history of its prosperous growth, but also its very name, which refers to the balances used to weigh the goods in the ports, are due to the overseas trade. The tourist industry and commerce have elevated La Romana to second place in the economic wealth rankings, surpassed only by the capital. Aside from its impressive landscapes, of both a maritime and jungle nature, this city is popular among visitors for its golf championships and for the important concerts held in Altos de Chavón, with artists as well-known as Sting or Gloria Estefan.

Punta Cana

Many people associate this name with a beach holiday. Although it is true that Punta Cana is a world benchmark for coastal tourism, this tropical corner at the eastern end of the Dominican Republic brings together many other interesting attractions. As the temperature remains stable all year round at around 26°C on average, any time can be good for doing a route on a quad bike through the rural villages of the area, descending to the cueva Fun Fun (Fun Fun Cave) and crossing its underground river or visiting the Marinarium to swim with rays and sharks.

Puerto Plata

This pleasant Victorian design city with an outstanding leisure offer, making it one of the most important tourist areas in the Dominican Republic, is located on the Atlantic coast. Puerto Plata is known by locals as "La novia del Atlántico" (The bride of the Atlantic) and it is in fact the perfect match for an unforgettable holiday. From the top of the Montaña Isabel de Torre (Isabel de Torre Mountain), which can be accessed by cable car, you can enjoy stunning views of its beaches, the small villages that stand between coffee and cocoa plantations and the rivers and waterfalls that open up among their lush vegetation. 

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