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Hotels in Portugal

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The Portuguese Republic is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula that borders the Atlantic to the west. It owes much of its historical and cultural wealth to this, which extends to the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, within the Macaronesian region, and which are a true natural gem. It is not surprising that more than 7% of the country is made up of protected landscapes and reserves and there are 24 natural parks on the mainland alone.

Places of Interest in Portugal

The Algarve

Those looking for a sun and sea destination in Portugal where they can spend their holidays should head to the Algarve. This region in the south of the country is popular for its spectacular beaches and coves at the foot of steep cliffs that give the coast an appearance which is both wild and attractive. The sunset in Cabo de San Vicente, the old town of Faro and Praia da Marinha are some of the must-sees of the area.


The most similar thing to travelling inside a fairy tale is to visit Sintra. Dotted with castles, mansions and idyllic gardens, this town near the country's capital makes visitors immerse themselves in the legends and mystery surrounding its history. The mystical charm of places as captivating as the Quinta da Regaleira or the colourful Palacio da Pena (Pena Palace) make this destination a noble and elegant city, set in an idyllic natural environment and full of tourist attractions such as the Convento dos Capuchos (Capuchos Convent) or the Palacio de Monserrate (Monserrate Palace).


To the north of Lisbon and on the banks of the Douro River stands this beautiful coastal city that competes in beauty and importance with the country's capital. Porto is famous for its wineries, the elegant bridges that link the river together, the alleys and staircases of the Barredo district and the lively squares of the old town. Among steep streets and endless walks along the river, travellers will find a sweet reward for their efforts in oval obos (sweets made with egg yolk and sugar), francesinha (a large sandwich usually made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça [a portuguese sausage], steak or roast beef, everything covered with melted cheese and a special tomato and beer sauce) and chocolate salami.

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